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Media Planner Executive

Job Description:

Media planners identify which media platforms would best advertise a client's brand or product who working within digital agency. Who enable their clients to maximize the impact of digital advertising campaigns through the use of a range of digital media. 

Media planners combine creative thinking with factual analysis to develop appropriate strategies to ensure that campaigns reach their target audiences as effectively as possible. Who apply knowledge of media and communication platforms to identify the best media solution available following objective  of a client's brand.

Media planners work with:

  • Publishers
  • Google Ads;
  • Facebook Ads;
  • Online Video;
  • Ad Network and Mobile Network;
  • Other more media platforms coming.


  • working with the clients and the account team to understand the client's business objectives and advertising strategy;
  • liaising with the creative agency team, clients and consumers to develop media strategies and campaigns;
  • making decisions on the best form of digital media for specific clients and campaigns;
  • undertaking research and analysing data using specialist industry resources;
  • identifying target audiences and analysing their characteristics, behaviour and media habits;
  • presenting proposals, including cost schedules, to clients.


  • recommending the most appropriate types of media to use, as well as the most effective time spans and locations;
  • working with colleagues, other departments and media buyers either in-house or in a specialist agency;
  • making and maintaining good contacts with media owners, such as publishers, ad network and 3rd Party;
  • managing client relationships to build respect and trust in your judgement;
  • evaluating the effectiveness of campaigns in order to inform future campaigns.


  • Bachelor degree in marketing and/or communications or equivalent experience required,
  • 1 years of experience in digital media role including a successful track planning and developing media campaign met client’s media objective. 
  • Good working knowledge of digital media as Google Ads, FB Ads, etc
  • Ability to integrate critical information from many diverse areas;
  • Good in English (both verbal and writing skills);
  • Hard-working and ready to work in high pressure environment;
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Able to work independently and as part of a team.
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