Our story. Since we can remember we have been playing in the Canadian Rockies: skiing, snowboarding, climbing, paragliding, biking, hiking and just having a great time. After many years of working in the technical outdoor gear industry we determined to start a premium quality all-mountain apparel



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This is another great work of us in the field of ecommerce. Westcomb approached us with a request to promote their premium all-mountain apparel in the digital world. For a fashion ecommerce style like this, appearance as well as usability is crucial for obvious reasons. With that purpose in mind, we tried to use attractive design and photography in order to make the products look more appealing to users and thus, increase sales. The products displayed are emphasized with images that allow users to zoom in. Users can also access to detailed information and description about the products. The categories of the products that can be found on the site are well organized and give users the ability to swiftly navigate between different product categories.

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