Vinamilk provides high quality, nutritious and delicious products for your health. Vinamilk specializes in producing internationally recognized quality standards for all their brands. One of which is Vfresh.


A MYSTERIOUS group of Chameleons looking to be beautiful. What do they find out ? The secret to beauty is Aloe Vera !

Together with Mediacom, Sofresh was called on to help bring these Chameleons alive. Play the 3 games and download the mobile app !

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Vfresh is one of Vinamilk’s delicious products providing high quality standard nutrition for women. Along with the TVC concept – a Chameleon seeking beauty, Vinamilk wanted to bring more excitement to their teen target audience, who were strongly attracted by fun and innovative activities. Consequently, the digital space appeared to be an ideal tool to interact with the target users. Vinamilk approached us for a creative strategy.

Working together with Mediacom, Sofresh was brought on to flesh out the digital creative plan. The result was an interactive microsite in which users were able to play 3 very fun games. Along with that was a mobile app where users could play with the Chameleon on their mobile device. Furthermore, users can find cool and useful information about the new Vfresh Aloe Vera & Grape juice and have a chance to win big prizes by participating in the Chameleon story competition.

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