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Umbrella Party


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At the end of 2011, Axe was getting ready to launch in the Vietnamese market. Unilever approached us to successfully launch the Axe bodyspray product and create buzz for the brand on the digital space.


Appropriating the Axe brand promise ("male sexual confidence") for the Vietnamese market was a tricky endeavor. This was because the dating scene in Vietnam differed greatly from western countries and other developed markets. "First base" in Vietnam meant getting a girl's Yahoo Messenger handle; "second base" meant grabbing coffee with her and "Third base" was putting on some Marvin Gaye which would eventually lead to the "home run."

In other words, "courtship" was a just too long a process for the users we were talking to: 16-24 year old Vietnamese males. They were too impatient to just wait for a chance to talk with a girl.


We wanted to help these young lads cut to the chase, accelerate the courtship process and take them straight to the action. Axe would help "speed things up," making the mating game faster and easier for them. And what better way to meet girls than at a party?

The idea was to launch, hype, and spread the word about a mysterious party. We called it the "Umbrella Party" after someone asked "How many hot girls can a guy get under one umbrella?" The idea was to make it the biggest party in Vietnam with tons of hot girls; and tons of chances for guys to walk up to a girl and chat her up. We would use interest in the party to introduce the product and strategically launch a branded site later on.

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