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Poca Match Attax



In 2011 Poca, a snack sub-brand under Pepsico, started to leverage consumer interest in the English Premiere League (EPL) to boost sales of its potato chip snack. A trading card game was devised to sell more Poca chip bags. In anticipation to the start of the EPL competition, millions of Poca chip bags were sold with trading cards inside. The trading cards featured up to 68 footballers complete with real life stats.

In 2012 Poca approached us to find an innovative creative way to bring their EPL trading card game to life, driving it from in-store/offline onto the digital space to enhance the brand experience and ultimately drive sales.


Approaching the brief, we examined the nature of trading cards in general. Most of our team had been obsessed with trading cards before, collecting everything from hockey cards to Magic cards. We concluded that trading cards was all about having THE best cards, being that kid on the playground with the best collection. So we asked ourselves, "Why should the fun stop at collecting? And why should the fun stop offline?"

We explored how to extend the nature of trading cards onto the digital space. How do we put the users' card collections to good use?


The idea was to gamify trading cards: to use the offline purchasing/collecting/trading behavior of card collectors to leverage an online digital experience. The result was called the Poca Match Attax Tournament, a realtime turn-based multiplayer card game.

Users would collect the trading cards by buying as many poca products as possible, use the players on the cards to form a football team on the website, trade or buy more trading cards to perfect their team, then log onto the website where they were directly connected to another user in realtime and engaged in a turn-based soccer game. Doing this would make users more mindful of the players they included on their teams and inherently drive product purchasing in a fun and meaningful way.

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