Sting - Amazing race

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Sting Around The World



This year Sting, the leading energy drink in Vietnam, became the official sponsor of The Amazing Race Vietnam. The Amazing Race is an award-winning reality show where energetic teams of two race around the world with only the clock and their fatigue to beat.

Sting didn't want to just have product placement on the show. So they approached us to explore and enhance the brand's spirit "Overcome challenges and live life to the fullest" on the digital space in context of the Amazing Race show.


Most of Sting's target users are students. Students in Vietnam face very rigorous, demanding school and extracurricular schedules. So they're always looking for new, amazing experiences and challenges to blow off some steam.

We knew that for these students, merely watching people on TV traveling around the world wouldn't be enough to experience the Sting brand spirit. It was just too passive of an experience. We set out to bring the spirit of Sting, throughout the exciting format of the Amazing Race, to the target users through an online experience.


With the modest budget we had, we decided to tap into a common interest among all members of our target audience: gaming. A flash gaming platform would be a great way to put the users in the middle of the action while tightly integrating the Sting spirit in a meaningful way.

Players would log onto the site, start with a quiz at one city, play a flash game, and end with a quiz at a second city. 2 cities per week, 10 weeks total, 20 cities in all. The top 10 players with the fastest times at the end of each week would win prizes; the fastest time overall wins grand prize.

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