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This year, Diana JSC. approached us to run a platform for their baby care brand – Bobby Fresh – where consumers can recognize, fall in love with and thus make trial after receiving the communication message “easy to wear and no leakage” through the emotional link with baby’s first step sharing on the digital space. Bobby Fresh pant diaper, now with prominent benefits, promises to keep baby in the most comfortable manner that parents can be happy watching their baby active move without any worry.

Understanding the insights of parents who always wait for the moment to experience their baby’s first steps, we believe every second of that moment is captured and treasured as the most beautiful time in life. With a milestone like this, it is not enough for them just to take photos and keep it there. Moreover, it is an occasion to tell the world that their angel is about to be ready to discover the new world. From that, the idea of creating a platform that triggers users to share those proudly happy moments appears to be really interesting and emotional appealing.    

A concern that every parent has in mind is to keep their baby comfortable at any time no matter what they are doing. This is what Bobby Fresh owns, and we want to leverage that through the digital space. The website is a channel for mothers to integrate and share their own baby care experience when the kid start standing and walking the very first steps to win interesting prizes. Furthermore, a channel in which consumers can learn about the product and the brand is also the site’s purpose.

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