Ovaltine - giai cuu lua mach


Ovaltine, a well-known dairy brand, wanted to engage more kids to the brand activities. Ovaltine didn't want to just have product placement on the microsite so they approached us to explore and enhance the brand's image on the digital space in the context of an interactive game.

Ovaltine’s target users are kids who are active, adventure-oriented and love such active adventurous games. Almost all the time, they enjoy many different outdoor activities. However, their demanding school and extracurricular schedules were stealing these enjoyable activities from them. Understanding this, we created a fun and adventure game to keep the kids engaged to the brand.

With the modest budget we had, we decided to tap into a common interest among all members of our target audience: gaming. A flash gaming platform would be a great way to put the users in the middle of the action while tightly integrating Ovaltine spirit in an active and adventurous way.
The game was all about “Rescue Smartini on Lomi planet”. Continuing from the fighting between Lomi and Super 5 on the malt field, we wanted to bring kids to a higher adventure level fighting with Lomi on Lomi’s spaceship in the universe. Also, we used the game code mechanic to boost up product sales.

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