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Reality shows are fast becoming a crowd favorite in Vietnam because of its attractive and interesting format. “So you think you can dance”- an America televised dance competition show has been brought to Vietnam by Dong Tay promotion to create a state-of –the art experience for the audience.
For the first launch of the show, Yomost, the main sponsor, approached us and asked for an integrated way to spark social intention on the national scale, hence be able to compete with other blossoming reality TV shows.  Therefore we had to find a way to kick off the show, improve its digital presence and get people to talk about the show.

From our study, dance is not too popular a performance form in Vietnam so the job of getting people to apply for the audition as well as interact with the show in social networks could be rather difficult. However, since it was the first time “So you think you can dance” appeared in Vietnam, we can utilize the digital space to arouse the attention effectively.
For the target users, there are two outstanding trends to be observed now: 1) they were really enthusiastic about engaging with and updating information about the contestants on the show. 2) They loved having their say and voicing their opinions throughout the show.

So instead of building a simple content website with a load of information, we decided to transform it into a social hub along with other engagement activities. In order to leverage the impact for users in a meaningful way, we separated the plan in to 3 phases. Phase 1: Call for entry aimed at encouraging and inspiring users to register for the show. Phase 2: Audition and Call back, acting as an interactive digital platform and Phase 3: Gala and Grand Finale, to create high engagement with users and get them coming back to the website.

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