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2012 was truly the year of the reality shows here in Vietnam. With the success of Vietnam Idol in 2010, many other reality shows were popping up in the market including The Voice, Vietnam’s Got Talent, and So You Think You Can Dance.

Unilever, being the main sponsor of Vietnam Idol, approached us to see how we could improve the show’s digital presence and help it become the most talked about reality show on all the social networks.


We did research into the show's target users and found that 1) they were really enthusiastic about engaging with the contestants on the show. Furthermore, they 2) loved having their say and voicing their opinions loud and proud. But 3) there was a glaring lack of a singular, unified platform where they could do those very things.

This conversation and openness are the hallmark of the show's format. So we set out to correct this wrong for the Vietnam Idol 2012 site.


Rather than making the Vietnam Idol site just a simple content hub, we centered the site around interaction. We turned the site into a larger scale digital platform with supporting activities to encourage user participation and interaction with the show and its contestants.

With the content driving daily traffic, we implemented several digital creative ideas to make each user visit more meaningful and impactful.

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