Gourmets delight


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The issue:
The Gourmet's Delight Roast Kitchen was the first Hong Kong's Cantonese casual dining restaurant to be opened in Saigon, Vietnam. So in order to grab customer’s attention and create buzz for its first launch as well as build brand positioning, they approached us for a creative and stunning digital solution.

The insight:
With the advance of technology, customers are increasingly using mobile browsers to make decisions on the spot, so restaurant websites are doing a better job of communicating core information quickly. It goes without saying that the first bite is taken with the eye. If so, an appetizing restaurant website succeeds in whetting customer appetite, inviting them to a next savoury bite. Moody warm tones create atmosphere, vibrant greens underscore freshness, and earthy colors communicate a relaxed, friendly attitude.

The idea:
We temped to bring real restaurant into the virtual world by creating a website with design and animation transferring the spirit and concept of a Chinese restaurant. When first entering the website, the customer will encounter a door leading inside the restaurant, just like in a real life. All of the items that you can found at a typical Cantonese restaurant such as turntable, chopsticks, plates… are visualized to create an attractive atmosphere. The authentic Chinese design elements and warm color work well to add mystique, intimacy and life to the crisp photography. The user flow and navigation is simple with many activities from getting the information to making reservations. The menu is noteworthy: simple to browse and very clean.

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