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The issue:
Poca, a snack sub-brand under Pepsico , is a popular potato chip product among kids and teenagers. In the harsh competition with other brands, Poca had to promote its image and attract as many customers as possible with new and exciting experience, hence boosting sales. Therefore, Pepsico approached us to ask for a new way to leverage customer experience online.

The insight
We studied that our defined customers are usually fun seekers and mainly driven by the gift incentives. Furthermore, they are often tech-savvy and crazy about famous game such as Ninja Fruit, Gold Digger… So in order to provide them with an amazing place to blow off some steam after a hard day, we set out to create a microsite with an appealing game for users.

The idea:
A flash gaming platform would be a great way to put the users in the middle of the action and still capture the brand voice. Ninja, one of the symbols of the mysterious oriental culture, always keep players’ curiosity and interest. Therefore, we launched the Poca Ninja game based on the story of a Ninja Institute. The users will experience the thrill and excitement which starts with the mission of an adolescent kid aspiring to learn the ways of the Ninja to be recognized and acknowledged throughout games with Ninja fruit or Gold Digger format. The mysterious and fun design works well with Chinese traditional song. Besides, there is also lucky drawer activity which helps to boost sales of the product.

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