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The issue:

In the previous summer, 7 Up, a beverage brand of Pepsi Co, tasks us to bring the emotional benefits to customers on the digital platform. Those benefits include: refreshingness, spontaneity, free feeling, optimism. Through that, we could engage users more with two- way communication and build excitement about the brand.

The insight:

The targeted customers, specifically the youth, are very active and dynamic. They are often craving for an outlet to get away from stress and express their spirit freely. Among those favorite activities, dancing may be the most popular one and an effective way to let off the steam.  In addition, 7Up is naturally refreshing, which matches quite well with the personality of the youth.

The idea:

We want to give users the tool that they can freely express their refreshment. Through online, we create a digital platform where there is no limitation such that they can be carefree and spontaneous, just “go with the flow” and experience extreme fun.  We executed the following activities:

  • The dance refreshingly free interactive experience
  • A “refreshing up” sharable message activity
  • A music video clip composed from the collection of the dance refreshingly free interactive experience.

With dancing refreshingly free, we enabled users to feel the beat and encouraged them to create a dance experience regardless of skill (through a random dance or to follow our choreography clip that we created). With the “Refreshing up” sharable message, we told users to tell a story about what makes them refreshingly up.  Finally, with the refreshingly free 7Up music video, we collected all dance footages from users in the dance refreshingly activity to create a 7Up music video at the end of the campaign.

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