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The issue:

With an aim to create buzz during the Valentine season, CloseUp, called us to see how we could do this online.  In harsh competition with other brands during this season, CloseUp wanted to leave a good impression on the targeted consumer and link the brand spirit with the nature of love.

The insight:

Valentine’s Day is not always for couples or who are in love, it is also for single people as well. However, not so many people realize this and choose to be lonely during Valentine’s Day.  Most young people in Vietnam want to find new friends in social networks, yet they often face certain barriers that prevent them from making it happen.  That’s where CloseUp was able to jump in to help.

The idea:

We created a Facebook app that helps users find their other half who shares the same hobbies and personality. We also focused on the “Smile” theme, which we used as an “ice breaking” first impression. All users need to do is fill in a form with basic information, upload their photo with a smile and the “Love magnet” app will find their most matching mates. The priorities of matching rules are based on location, hobbies and smile. After launching the campaign, the official Facebook fanpage of CloseUp recruited a great number of fans and the interaction between the brand and customers has also increased at a significant rate.

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