Thanh Pho Vien Em


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Using a digital entertainment platform to make consumers aware of Diana’s new product features thanks to crème soft technology and to deliver the message of Diana being the only brand that can bring girls unique ‘extremely soft’ feeling.

Diana, as opposed to its competitors, needed to create an original & engaging platform for its target consumers to be more connected with the product usage experience and thus, Diana approached us for a digital idea to address their problem.

We did researched into the target consumers and found that 1) they were easily attracted by cute, girly and lively interactive content. Furthermore, they 2) love discovering and trying new things and they 3) love the idea of “being a girl is great!”.

We set out to create an interactive site which could both enhance girls’ experience of the product’s new advantage which is crème soft technology and deliver the message of girl’s unique feeling only Diana provides. We call it “Soften City” game with 3 attractively designed scenes that a cosmopolitan girl loves to enjoy in her life, involving: modern street scenes, vintage shopping stores and a lively music studio. While users are walking through all the scenes and touching each item to turn them into clouds, they are connected with the brand’s communication message. Additionally, interesting prizes is also one of the reasons triggering users to join the platform – a place where they can try all new things, experience the unique feeling, entertain and get rewards.

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