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During Tet (Chinese New Year 2012 – 2013), Nestle desired to build a convenient e-commerce system of online Tet hamper ordering as a platform for users to order and buy all Nestle products easily and effectively. This is also the good way for Nestle to promote sales in this special time of the year.

With the understanding that online users are usually not fond of going through online transaction processes, we took this into account and analyzed what parts of the process annoyed us the most.  With those facts, we were able to have the right mind set in how we should be setting this up for Nestle’s Tet Hamper ordering.

With our years of experience in e-Commerce system, we brought to Nestle an easy-to-use solution for their online Tet hamper ordering and in an easy-to-view interface. The core feature of the system was to allow users to customize their hamper by setting a budget; by this way, users can easily keep track of the total amount when adding/removing items.  This e-Commerce system did work very well for not only for Nestle, but its consumers also. 

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