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When Tet wishes come true


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During Tet (Chinese New Year 2012 – 2013), Nestle, launched the campaign “When Tet wishes come true”. The name of the campaign did say it all, Nestle’s intention was to draw attention from online communities and to inspire them with heart touching conversations and encourage them to take real actions for poor children.

Calling for action is always a tough job, especially in an attempt to make people lend a helping hand to someone they don’t know. That was the issue that Nestle brought to us and demanded for a digial solution.

Deep inside most of us, there is always a kind heart, wanting to care and help other less fortunate people. But nowadays, people, especially our target customers such as students, young professionals, family, charity group just don’t have a chance to help and to care for others who are poor and unlucky.

Most charity programs do not deliver real results and actual support to the unfortunate. There are a number of companies that use charity as a channel of brand awareness, not for the helping and supporting purpose. It’s the reason why people veer away from commercial charity programs; they want something that takes action and shows the real good will. That’s where our approach came in.

With the kind intention and requirement from Nestle and their ad agency, we developed the “ Tet wishes come true” digital campaign. The core activities were establishing a Microsite, where the real people, from anywhere around the country, could post a story including photos of the unfortunate children that they know to make their sincere wishes for those children. These stories of real cases did attract a lot of attention and sharing in online communities. The stories were voted by a large number of clicks. By the end of the campaign, the stories that received the highest votes would have their wishes come true.

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