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Late 2012, Vietnam International Bank (VIB) wanted to use digital to communicate about their Internet Banking service. Understanding the insights that people hardly use Internet Banking because of complication and view it as unsecure, VIB wanted to let people know that it has the most modern & easy to use website for daily transaction purposes and VIB is the only one to offer a security guarantee.

We came in to help communicate the benefits to customers online.  


After researching more about VIB’s business situation and learning more about this consumers behaviors, we concluded that Internet Banking for the Vietnamese consumer is complicated, unsecured and unreliable.  The mindset these users have is that if they make a small mistake, they could lose their money or someone may steal it all.  With this in mind, we created a digital campaign to build trust from customers and to educate them about the secure and reliability of internet banking with VIB.


A “60-days-with VIB Internet Banking” digital campaign was created to reach the brand’s purpose: educate users about the service and give them the reason why they should use VIB Internet Banking.

A digital platform, where users can learn and experience the VIB Internet Banking service, was built. This platform let users interact with the service and answer their concerns around VIB Internet Banking.

Phase 1: Interactive Response Videos

According to our users’ concerns, we created a website that was split into 3 sections: Simple, Secured and Reliable. With an interactive video experience, we explained to consumers that using Internet banking service from VIB is easy, safe, and reliable.  Users can share their concerns and receive personal video responses from the VIB Internet banking team as well.

Phase 2: Engaging the audience

To be closer to the target audience, we organize a contest called “Moments with Internet Banking” to encourage users participate and win valuable prizes. The simple contest asks users to share their photos/moments while using the VIB Internet Banking service. Through this activity, we aim to connect the users more to the website and be ready to explore the next content.

Phase 3: It’s time for VIB Internet Banking

Last but not least, VIB decides to open a new platform for its third phase of which letting users actually explore and find out outstanding benefits of each feature VIB Internet Banking offers. With lively information displayed in infographic style and mini games, we allow users to explore the service in a fun way.

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