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The issue:

YOUNQ is a new emerging girl group which targets youths. In a competitive showbiz market, attracting people’s attention to the new group was not an easy task with the amount of girl band groups already standing out in the market. Therefore YOUNQ tasked us to create curiosity and awareness about them.

The insight:
We have observed that there are a lot of new talents appearing everyday in Vietnam, including bands, singers, actors…).  There are also a lot of TV shows with big budgets that communicates this kind of new talent such as Vietnam Idol, The Voice, etc. How are we going to make YOUNQ different ?

The idea:
Story telling proves to be a great way to engage with users emotionally and aspirationally.  We decided to leverage the YOUNQ story to create a stronger link and bring teens closer to YOUNQ. It’s a story of 8 very normal girls who have a dream to become a girl band. Highlighting the dreams of 8 girls, we make teens feel that YOUNQ girls are just like them, normal teens with a dream.  Users were exposed to the girl’s story diary with teaser videos, training videos, makeup and hairstyle videos… More than that, we also focused on introducing the D-day ( their debut day event ). Users who interact with YOUNQ to help them make their dreams come true would be part of the success by having their pictures on the screen stage the D-day at the concert! There were also other social functions such as stream live, live chat, etc...

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