Cornetto - Road To Love


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In this Valentine 2013, Unilever desired to create buzz among the Vietnamese teenagers whom Cornetto targeted at. Consequently, they approached us to see how we could make it become the most talked topic in community fan page of ice-cream products among all the other social networks.

With the theme of teenage love, we did research into the brand’s target consumers and found that they were really enthusiastic about engaging with a platform where they can find relevant content about their teen love, school story, recreation and secret confidences. Furthermore, they loved voicing their opinions loud and proud. As a result, we need to develop a platform where content posted always keep them interested and inspired by the brand’s 2013 theme – Road to love.

Rather than making the Cornetto fan page just a simple content hub, we developed a Facebook app where users interacted, supported and joined the “Road to love” contest. Regarding the always on content, we shared the engaging posts that teenagers would find themselves interested in, focusing around teen love story, schools out – what’s in, happy moments and Cornetto product. With the content driving daily traffic, we implemented several interactive ideas to make each user visit more meaningful and impactful.

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