Coco and Tini

Natural. Pure. Simple. Clean. Those were our guiding principles when we created Coco & Tini. As parents, we wanted to ensure that we only used gentle cleansing agents and ingredients derived from natural sources in our hair and bath care products.

Coco and Tini


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Natural. Pure. Simple. Clean. Those are 4 key elements that Coco and Tini, a company specializes in 100% natural products for kids, asked us to embed in the website. From our study of kids’ insight, bright and vivid colors will easily capture and hold a child’s attention for a long period of time, that’s the way we choose the color combination for the website. Moreover, kids will remember and return to a website if their experience is a happy one. Therefore we incorporate the images of cute animals into the design to ensure that a cheerful, positive mood is presented. We also focus on products display that ensures a clean and friendly look for users. Videos are added to bring a fun, interactive, and educational aspect to a site’s content.

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